Lock it, Don’t Lose It

You may be aware that domestic heating oil theft has been on the rise in recent months; with increasing prices across our common heating fuels, theft is becoming more and more commonplace.

Domestic oil tanks are a relatively easy target as homeowners prefer to keep them out of sight as its more aesthetically pleasing; creating a problem where you can’t keep watch of the tank and with just a screw cap for a lid they are easily accessible. 

We have many customers in areas such as Alderley Edge, Wilmslow, Prestbury, Woodford and surrounding regions who rely on heating oil for their homes and this could become an increasing problem for people in these towns.

We would urge people to consider getting some form of security in place to avoid becoming a victim to this crime and; as always, we are here for you to offer advice on various locking mechanisms and tank alarms that combine a digital sight gauge with an audible alarm that sounds off in your home if an oil theft is taking place.

The sight of a locking mechanism could be a huge deterrent to a thief and may be the difference between keeping your oil or having it taken away from you. Comment below and let us know your thoughts.