The Power of Servicing

Many people choose not to have their boilers and other appliances serviced at regular intervals or even at all in some cases; which really is a risky thing to do.  Appliances that should have an annual service are boilers, fires and even unvented hot water cylinders as it is important these are checked for safety reasons.

It is recommended by manufacturers to have your appliances serviced annually and in some cases not doing so can invalidate your guarantee; but there are a few good reasons for doing so.

First and most importantly, an annual service checks the function of your appliance and involves inspecting for any leaks or failing components which could put the safety and maybe even the lives of the people residing in the property at stake.

For example, if there was to be an insufficiently sealed flue coming off a boiler or fire or perhaps even a casing section isn’t quite sealing right then there is a high chance that carbon monoxide may be entering living spaces and could potentially be very harmful or even fatal to those affected.  Carbon monoxide is not visible to the human eye and is completely odourless and tasteless; this makes it dangerous as you may not even realise its presence in your home.

On a brighter note; an annual service can improve the efficiency of your boiler which in turn helps your money go a bit further in the battle against rising energy bills and will also help to prolong the life of the appliance.

This is especially an issue for oil boilers, as an incorrectly burning oil boiler will produce soot that will cover the surface of the boilers heat exchanger; greatly reducing heat transfer and dramatically increasing running costs.

Another point to consider with an annual service is it may be possible for an engineer to identify a component that is starting to deteriorate.

This presents the opportunity to deal with the issue before it develops and presents you with a large bill to rectify the faults; even a tiny leak on a water component could splash onto electrics or make its way to the boiler circuit board which comes at a hefty price to replace.

The list can go on; but ultimately the point is an annual service can impact the safety and running costs of an appliance for the better.

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